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900% ROI on hiring an IT Architect is reality

This was a successful year for my customers.

I have created new capabilties and prepared some proper strategic support. Metrics for capabilities and support are still hard to define and to use. Those measurements are on the radar for next year.

I have, however, advised, designed and controlled to save structurally more than 1.5 million Euros. This makes a general ROI of 900%.

That is not bad for an architect. That is what I call an executable architect, a true enterprise architect. Or would you prefer to “profitable architect“?

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Invited to a meeting, I accept….

Invited to a meeting, I accept…. but no agenda, no meeting!  Use Subtle Cues to Encourage Better Meetings

KPN architectendag

Great fun to apply Phil McKinney‘s antibodies corporate antibodies on architecture on the KPN IT architects’ day, 120 participants. Discussing tools to cope with resistance against architecture. Let’s make IT results with IT architecture. With eg Ronald Muijrers, Paul Goyen Sander Visser

Gebruik wat je al hebt

Niks ‘outside’, maar juist ‘inside-the-box’ denken: je beperken tot wat er al is leidt vaak tot beter uitvoerbare en goedkopere oplossingen.

I like constraints

Given enough time and money, any competent organization can emulate something that succeeded in the past. But when limited resources take the tried-and-true off the table, the only option is to come up with something new. … and what is the re present situation we’re in now?

Improve, not change

Bored by new taxonomies? Unsatisfied with present technologies and financial potential? Don’t change IT architecturing, improve it. don’t change but improve

Value-adding context

IT architecture is not only about technology but also about putting objects and persons into a value-adding context

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