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Recently I found a Japanese angle for my 2015 article “Give me an 80% solution, now!” Apparently 80% is better than 100%. The fun in IT architecture is to discover what a 80% versus perfect design is. The reward lies in the adaptation and adoption by readers: they could add their points too, so from now on it is their solution. What will you design today, for just 80%?

Killer questions

Again joy in the house: got my killer questions card deck based on Phil McKinney‘s book, always giving hints to turn into new directions, like “What is surprisingly inconvenient about my product?” Of course: there are no wrong answers https://innovation.tools

beheer is niet sexy

Innovation is sexy, governance mediocre and operations is the Cinderella. In 1969 an artist already set her marks for ‘maintenance as art’ in a manifesto. Why not declaring sustainability and maintenance as quality requirements in each IT-design?

Ze zijn er al…

Attacked from within? The edge of the organization is no longer in the same form as it once was. We now have to look ahead and figure out how to deal with the flow of company data and how that protection flows from one organization to another. And THAT is what will define the edge.


Blij een ander te kunnen helpen en er zelf ook van te leren: IT architecture coaching. Danny van Beek, bedanktvoor de recommendation

Your own roadmap…

What is your professional roadmap for creating value? I truly believe IT architecture is not only about technological design but also about helping others to build, implement, update and improve services. So after buying books in museums on service design I renewed my ITIL Essentials (from 1998) and passed the ITIL 2011 Service Design exam to broaden my perspective.

Een idee zonder uitvoering…

Ideas without execution are a hobby and we’re not in the hobby business. So, what’s your angle as an IT-architect to make ideas happen?

The Final Key to Innovation: Understanding the Law of Execution

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