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Oplossing of probleem?

Weet jij wanneer de magnetron al werd uitgevonden? 1945. Veel eerder dan het massale gebruik. Mensen hechten meer waarde aan het oplossen van problemen dan aan het hebben van nieuwe mogelijkheden. (Kahneman, Nobelprijs 2002). En jouw werk, wat lost dat op? Of biedt het nieuwe mogelijkheden?

A warning on LinkedIn advice


If you really, really want to change and become happy, rich and a well-cited authority… well for most of us there are no shortcuts: it’s a rough and tough journey with obstacles.


But isn’t there somewhere a shortcut, a tiny backdoor? Why wouldn’t I be the one pulling the card from the pile saying “Advance to Go (and collect $200)”? Chances to win the lottery are smaller than dying of cancer, yet, we hope for the lottery and forget about our health issues.

Copy/Paste and Pimp

So, who needs another 10 skills to be happy? Well, I still want to be happy and rich and famous, so I give it a try, hoping for the lottery, the shortcut. Over the last months I have read my way through the advise coming from all over the world on being happy, a better colleague, famous, a good writer. By now I  have a large collection of the required skill sets. These are my findings, perhaps you recognize them.

1. If all advice on LinkedIn is unique and should be added up, there are about 300 things to change in our lives. I simply have to stop working, since my natural blessings are so small that following all advice will be a complete working day burden. Since I pay rent and have children to feed, that is not a realistic option anymore.

2. If all advice is copied, revised and pimped with another picture of a happy child/girl/woman/young man/wise-looking elderly, is it then just for the matter of LinkedIn presence that we are confronted with yet another 99 skills to become whatever? A simple reference would do: take again a look at Guy Kawasaki’s insights or stop following Richard Branson and start reading Bill Gates.

3. No one tells me what my good fortune is when I score only 150 out of those 300: will I be semi-happy, drive no Tesla but at least a Mercedes?

Summaries won’t help

Now stop it, you may say, of course you are halfway to salvation. And true, not all 300 skills, perspectives, intrapersonal battles are unique, but they hint us in a certain direction. And no one says you have to follow all 300 hundred. Well then, please tell me which of the 300 are essential? Or would that be another set of 10 skills to funnel those 300?

It is your road with your stumbling stones

Let’s turn it around: no focus on a certain direction, skills or shortcut but look back at the road you’ve gone so far. Isn’t there any red line in your story amidst all the “non-you” things? A line that makes sense and let’s you make a new step in your life and profession? The journey is the reward and it would truly be your reward.

In my work as an architect it is exciting to find out my customers’ previous wanderings and to design the next steps on the roadmap, not as something completely new but built on the present story.

Does the past play a constructive role in your work?

There is no Cloud.


Caught in a dispute about hybrid, public or private clouds? No worries, you are not the only one.

You have to move to the Cloud? A mystical phrase from ICT prophets?

Nothing really changed, it is a variation on a old theme.

You can buy ICT as a service. You use without investments. You stop paying and move on to the next best solution, fast and hopefully without disruption. You enjoy the scale of economics.

In the early 20th century every city, every large factory had its own energy plant. Nowadays you pay for energy from centralized power plants. You pay per use.

Data is still stored in computers:

The real buzz phrase is lift-and-shift: lift and shift your workload to someone else: cheaper, faster and hopefully without a vendor lock-in.

Happy hunting!

Onvolmaaktheid is gaaf, ook in de ICT


Ben je gewoon bang of twijfelachtig? Hoe zorg je ervoor, dat je niets hoeft te doen, niets te beslissen? Je brandt een oplossing af door te wijzen op het imperfecte karakter van de oplossing: “het is geen totaaloplossing dus is de oplossing niet goed”. Daarmee stuur je de voorsteller weer op pad: kom maar met een beter voorstel. Je houdt je wel bezig met mijn eigen dingen.

De Nirvana drogreden of de leugen van de perfecte oplossing

Dit is zo’n heerlijke drogreden, die je binnen de ICT vaak tegenkomt. Lees verder

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