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Waarom schrijven als het ook gesproken kan worden?
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Werken onder ICT Architectuur

There is no Cloud.


Caught in a dispute about hybrid, public or private clouds? No worries, you are not the only one.

You have to move to the Cloud? A mystical phrase from ICT prophets?

Nothing really changed, it is a variation on a old theme.

You can buy ICT as a service. You use without investments. You stop paying and move on to the next best solution, fast and hopefully without disruption. You enjoy the scale of economics.

In the early 20th century every city, every large factory had its own energy plant. Nowadays you pay for energy from centralized power plants. You pay per use.

Data is still stored in computers:

The real buzz phrase is lift-and-shift: lift and shift your workload to someone else: cheaper, faster and hopefully without a vendor lock-in.

Happy hunting!

Cloud Haiku 1

In de wolken staan
Beelden van wie ik bemin
Verborgen, hoop ik

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