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Become an Anti-Critic

A great article. Flip your (work) script: evaluate and fix forward instead of comfortably leaning backwards after pinpointing the weak points in someone/thing else.  Stop the Negativity: Become an Anti-Critic

Stop innovating, try renovating

“Buddhism with wooden shoes…if you really have to”, the Dalai Lama answered. The interview was about 40 years ago in the Netherlands. It still contains value.

The setting? After the flower-power hype more and more Dutch people where getting into Eastern religious ideas and practices. The Dalai Lama was rather curious whether this was not too easy, whether their own religion was really not suitable for their needs and lives.

The question? If Western people could not find peace in their own religion, what would be his advice.

The value? What you have might be better than you thought, saw and felt before. Perhaps look at it with a different perspective, renovate your shoes, your house, your work attitude. New Year’s resolutions are big hairy audacious goals (BHAGs)… we too often fail within only a couple of weeks. Whether in our personal life or in business: a new tool, a new diet, a new task will not make us happy.

Try adjusting and improving what has brought you so far, there is more to you than meets the blinking eye.

Invited to a meeting, I accept….

Invited to a meeting, I accept…. but no agenda, no meeting!  Use Subtle Cues to Encourage Better Meetings

Gebruik wat je al hebt

Niks ‘outside’, maar juist ‘inside-the-box’ denken: je beperken tot wat er al is leidt vaak tot beter uitvoerbare en goedkopere oplossingen.

Improve, not change

Bored by new taxonomies? Unsatisfied with present technologies and financial potential? Don’t change IT architecturing, improve it. don’t change but improve

Value-adding context

IT architecture is not only about technology but also about putting objects and persons into a value-adding context

LEGO applied

Uniting the Soroptimists in Oss with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method: simple questions complex to answer, thinking with their hands, all leaning in, crossing the gap in the table with strong stories; facilitated with Judith Veldhuizen, prepared with Marion Muller – Van der Flier

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