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I like constraints

Given enough time and money, any competent organization can emulate something that succeeded in the past. But when limited resources take the tried-and-true off the table, the only option is to come up with something new. … and what is the re present situation we’re in now?

Improve, not change

Bored by new taxonomies? Unsatisfied with present technologies and financial potential? Don’t change IT architecturing, improve it. don’t change but improve

LEGO applied

Uniting the Soroptimists in Oss with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method: simple questions complex to answer, thinking with their hands, all leaning in, crossing the gap in the table with strong stories; facilitated with Judith Veldhuizen, prepared with Marion Muller – Van der Flier

The endless possibilities of 6 LEGO bricks

Thinking with your hands and 6 bricks and, really, you create solutions for your challenges.

The endless possibilities of 6 LEGO bricks


Lego voor business

Harvard Business Review March/April 2017 markeert het belang van “hands-on”​ denken om eenvoudiger tot resultaten te komen, alleen, in teams en in je organisatie: de LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methode. Judith Veldhuizen en ik beantwoorden graag je vragen.

Taking communication to the next level

The art of listening: why not give it a try?



Een verhaal met drie tekens? We maken strategische communicatie en IT-architectuur zo simpel mogelijk. Judith Veldhuizen en ik, we hebben onze kracht en talenten gebundeld in een portfolio van waardevolle verhalen, platen en resultaten: zin-in-zaken.nl.

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